About Us

LMTS is a UK based Customer Support provider and technology consulting, system designing and development group. The company’s core activities involve strategic consulting, applications design, as well as the deployment of latest technology models. LMTS prides itself in providing high quality, leading edge e-solutions for the local and overseas corporate scene.

LMTS focus is on serving its customers by providing low cost, high quality, Customer services, I.T services and products. Our staffs are well versed in meeting the current and future IT/ARE challenges. Most of the company’s developers are certified engineers from Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Siebel, SAP and Oracle. This talented and a multi-disciplinary workforce strengthens LMTS claim for quality.

Our Mission

LMTS to be the house of quality and knowledge allowing our customers to adopt efficient business acumen and wealth generation via the application of LMTS’s products and development techniques.

Our Vision

A knowledge based company involved in finding intellectual strategies to create genuine customer value and satisfaction.

Our Business Statements

  • LMTS provides Technological Consultations, Business Process Mapping, Streamlining, System Design, Development, Implementation, Training and System Maintenance Services to its clients.
  • LMTS has it all-from producing creative, dynamic and interactive software and web solutions to fully automated CRM/ERP solutions.
  • LMTS has built on its reputation as a world wide provider of IT systems. Its broad spectrum of services not only enables LMTS to provide complete end to end solutions but also supports uniting services with other e-consulting partners in global markets.
  • We have the insight, adaptability, technology, capacity, we know how to interact with your customers personally and professionally via any channel we do believe that customer services are your clients perception that is why we always aim to make every customers interaction a better customer experience. We don’t claim that we are offering the cheapest services, but we can’t be beaten on value.

Our People are our assets

LMTS vision to be the “NEXT BIG THING” is shared by its employees, hence their abilities to integrate products and skills.

The entrepreneurial independent problem solving approach, continuous growth, team work and the continual pursuit for excellence are the foundations on which LMTS stands.

LMTS has highly qualified IT professionals and state-of-the-art technology development centres located both domestically and abroad. We deliver world-class services through a combination of geographic presence and specialized technology practices.

Social Responsibility

LMTS is proud to be a socially responsible corporate citizen and have participated in several community development activities. LMTS has made significant financial contributions to internally displaced people in Pakistan and is sponsor for several charity organizations in the UK.

Off Shoring

n today’s challenging economic environment, businesses are seeking to reduce costs and enhance growth. They need business and IT solutions that promote innovation and transformation, while helping to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Our global delivery model, helps you add value while using resources more effectively. We bring together our best talent from the right balance of onshore and offshore locations and work with you as a unified team. This balance enables us to deliver the optimum solution for your business needs.

Offshore Benefits

We draw on our global resources, cost-efficient processes and extensive experience in diverse geographies, disciplines and industries to deliver:

  • Cost reductions: Save up to 40% on IT costs and improve your bottom line by leveraging the right balance of locations.
  • Streamlined processes: Improve productivity and reduce operating costs by implementing agile, efficient processes.
  • Innovation: Free your energies from IT and focus on innovating and transforming your business.
  • Competitive advantage: Stay ahead of the curve with solutions that employ the latest technology to improve quality in delivery.