IP PBX Systems Consulting Services

We provide setup, troubleshooting, installation and configuration services for Asterisk, Trixbox and other IP telephony systems.

Asterisk is the newest, most affordable pbx technology solution for businesses that are looking to break free from traditional telephone services. Though typical proprietary voip or pbx phone systems are expensive and difficult to maintain for small and medium size businesses, Asterisk uses open-source technology to provide your company with the same professional options offered by more expensive providers without costing you tens of thousands of dollars as most of proprietary phone systems cost.

Using our Collaborative Business Approach®, we work with clients to setup up phone systems, help buying international phone numbers and affordable trunk plans.


It will provide IP PBX systems with features like, Auto-Attendant, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), and Voice Mail, Call conferencing, Caller ID, Unlimited Extensions, Outlook Integration, fax to email and many more. IP PBX is based on IP Telephony (IPT). IPT brings technology that combines voice, video and email and integrates into one multimedia platform with business class productivity application.

Here are some of the benefits of using IP PBX Solution:

  • Low cost – Compare to traditional Key System, PBX and Centrix lines.
  • Competitive rate – our rates are most competitive, without compromising on feature, reliability and after sales support.
  • Technology– We bring you world class latest technology at an affordable rate and it does not become obsolete since with minor up gradation in future you can be with latest technology.
  • Reliability– All our products and services are thoroughly tested and passed against all odds. In case of interruption or your Internet service goes down PSTN-Fallback features immediately switches your system into PSTN mode.

Who can use IP PBX systems

Office-based businesses like accounting firms, attorney's offices, medical practices, insurance agencies, technology companies, and real estate agencies are all terrific candidates for pbx phone systems. By facilitating communication between on- and off-site employees, giving your clients one phone number where they can reach administrative assistants and personal representatives alike, and providing your business with a system that is easy-to-use, reliable, and professional, ip bpx is the right choice for your business, large or small.

Retail businesses like clothing stores, grocery stores, toy stores, and others can also benefit from the flexibility and affordability of a pbx phone set-up. Whether you have one store or several, our advanced telephony technology can save you money when compared to traditional VOIP calling plans.

Construction and home repair businesses like contractors, plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, landscapers, and towing companies will also experience the increased flexibility and affordability of Asterisk pbx. Many of these businesses require 24/7 customer support for emergencies and other urgent matters, and our advanced phone systems will allow the owner or employees to set up home phones for the purpose of receiving calls during off hours. Never miss another call -- or a new client -- with Asterisk!

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